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{November 9, 2016}   1 Year in Review

This week marks 1 year from the beginning of the “Getting my Health Back” Journey. I’m so happy to report that my results are fantastic. I have release 40lbs, lost 8% Body fat and have a definite improvement in my energy. I’m slowly getting back to doing activities that I love without feeling overwhelmed. and I can walk into my closet and put anything on without being insecure.
It has been a battle – with many of the changes coming slowly and requiring much effort. At times I felt like giving up but the results came from consistency in the program and the support from family and friends. It took months for my body to even be receptive to change and I had to appreciate my body every step of the way. I’m grateful for this time and knowledge the good Lord has given me and I plan on continuing this next year with more goals. If you are reading this please be encouraged that change can happen, even if it is super slow, just be sure follow though and give yourself grace along the way.

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