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{September 15, 2016}   3 weeks of Carb Cycling

3 weeks ago I begin the process of carb cycling recognizing the importance of Ketosis and am happy to report that my body has responded well to the change. Week one I experienced some cravings, week 2 I was pretty tired and week 3 it felt things were leveling off for me. Energy came back and no cravings. I have see a change in both my body weight and body fat % so i’m committed to the process for the next 9 weeks. The timing of this process has been wonderful considering i’m back to leading almost a few schedule of fitness classes. I’m feeling more comfortable when leading, demonstrating exercises and reaching out to people – a good reminder of how much extra weight can hold us back from using our gifts. September marks 9 months since I began the process of “getting my health back” and it has been a time of up and downs but it have taught me a lot about myself, this process and reminded me that we are always a work in process 🙂

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