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{August 30, 2016}   After a 3 month “pause”

My world got crazy, my little guy was home, I added 2 new contracts to my work schedule and it was summertime…all good excuses right? Well all those things did happen and I did take a “pause” from all my carefully planned food and exercise programs. The good news is I did not backslide much and have be able to put in to action some of my maintenance goals. Now as we enter September it is time to get back in to routine and add a little more structure to to my journey. This will allow me to continue moving forward toward “getting my health back”. I have decided after much research to do some carb cycling to allow my body to go into periods of Ketosis to burn off my extra deep storage fat and eliminate some deep toxins. This does require me to get my own coach so I can have support through accountability. So just like I coach others it is my turn to be supported through a weekly check in and external goal setting. Choosing a coach reminded me of the important qualities I strive to have in myself when working with my clients. I wanted someone honest, encouraging, educated and someone who experiences the “struggle”. I will stick to this program until January and well be sure to report on my progress a few times a month. Thank you all for following me, being interested in my journey and for your encouragement as we enter a new season.

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