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As I approached the 6 month marker to this year of getting my health back i’m very happy with what I have accomplished so far. The candida cleanse has set me up well for my next step of testing reactive foods. By testing my reactive foods I can determine which foods work best for my particular disposition. If I can eliminate foods that make my body produce inflammation I will be another step closer to a healthier, stronger, fitter body….at least that was the plan unfortunately during week 21 I had a set back – it started with a popsicle and ended with nachos, cheese and cake. I recognized this destructive eating pattern and was quick to begin the reactive foods plan so I would not fall down this food spiral. So while I might be a week behind and having some cravings I could have avoided, I am proud of myself for continuing in this process and look forward to seeing more results.442b0c62-3489-4740-a4f3-e529e648d837

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