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Today marks the last day of the 6 week candida cleanse that I have been on. Well to be honest yesterday – the day I ate a few pieces of GF pizza was the last day 🙂 While the program is restrictive, I believe it to be valuable and would recommend this program be done at least once a year to help de-stress your body. The first few weeks I did not feel much of a difference but the last two weeks I was waking up feeling more refreshed and for the first time in over 2 years I began waking up before my alarm went off…this is a big deal for me!!! After this time I could tell my body was ready to take on a new challenge. Next up a rotating diet to help with my food sensitivities including low and high carb days to fuel my Thyroid and continue my weight loss journey. Lets see if the cleanse helped to strengthen my metabolic systems and if some more “insulation” will burn off.


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