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{March 29, 2016}   Weeks 16&17 Change is SLOW

After 4 weeks at a plateau i’m happy to report I am once again seeing small changes. What did it take? Well after the 3rd week in a plateau I reviewed my food and exercise again and then looked for some outside help. I’m so privileged to work with so many AMAZING people and one of my wonderful bootcamp members just completed her Holistic Nutrition Diploma. She met with me to see if there was anything we could “tweek” to continue this “getting back to health” project and she made some suggestions that helped me to refocus and rebuild. We added in more good fats, more protein, more feeding times and are trying to eliminate that nasty candida overgrowth. I have almost completed 2 weeks with these small challenges and slowly – ever so slowly things are changing for the better. The lesson in all of this? Never give up and ask for help 🙂

It is a frustrating state to be in this weight loss plateau, but it seems like my body is catching up with the weight changes.  For the first time in these 14 weeks people are recognizing the difference in my body.  I’m removing clothes from my closet that are now too big and wearing clothing that last year was too small.  So while my weight is not changing i am celebrating these special moments. I’m so thankful that while slow, my body is responding.

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