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{February 10, 2016}   Week 11 Can I go to Disneyland and Stay on Plan?

Yes! Was it tough? Yes! Did i lose weight? No. Did i gain weight? No!

This holiday I wanted to focus on family fun and sun but it found myself wanting to take a holiday from my food plan too.   What i did do was make the best choices i could and keep away from anything with sugar.  After 7 days and lots of cravings i was ready to get back to my kitchen and my meal prep.  Im very proud that i stayed the course and recognize that staying away from my trigger foods was key.  I also kept logging my food which also helped me track my macros and allowed me make the best choices.  A wonderful time was had by all and i came home guilt-free.


Since posting this i have received lots of questions. One of the best things i did was eat from the kids meal in the parks. The portions were large enough for me, they include veggies, fruit, dairy, grain and protein. Then if i was a bit hungry later i eat the snacks i packed: protein bars, nuts, fruit.

Deb Park says:

Wow! That’s amazing Danielle! Be very proud of yourself. I can’t imagine that kind of discipline. So glad you all had a great time together.

Danielle says:

Thank deb, your encouragement means so much to me 🙂

Jen says:

Wow good job. That is impressive.

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