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{January 21, 2016}   Week 10 “22lbs down”

Dropping this weight so far has been a wonderful feeling.  So rewarding to see the hard work pay off.  Turns out for me, this time, slow and steady wins the race.  It has been 10weeks and I’m releasing 2lbs a week, the weight i recommend to my clients as the best and most likely way to keep weight off. Through all of this joy I’m fighting a mental battle, the fear of this process stopping and the weight coming back.  I know that our bodies will do as the mind tells us so i try to squash these fears as they come and i continue to be consistent in my actions until one day i do not fear and instead embrace the process.  I remind myself that this program is not all about weight loss but instead about health gaining.

{January 5, 2016}   Week 8Testing

In week 8 i began the large amounts of testing required by my endocrinologist.  First im so thankful that this Dr is taking my condition seriously and asking key
questions and ordering many specialized tests.  He recognized the work im putting in and i feel hopeful that these tests could lead me to a deeper understanding of my body and how best i can work with it.  The testing process itself was quite tedious but interesting.  My blood was taken over a 4 day period, my urine collected over a 2hr period and all on designated times during my cycle.  Here’s hoping all that work results in some answers.

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