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Today is day 52 since I started my “getting my health back” protocol and I’m very happy with what I have been experiencing so far. I feel stronger, healthier and lighter. I still have a long way to go but now I have to prepare myself for my next challenge…getting back to teaching fitness classes on a regular basis. After Christmas I will be leading bootcamps, step classes, spinning and barre. I’m excited to be back using the skills that I have shaped over the last 20 years but I’m nervous to be in front of a group.  I feel a bit insecure about being judged for how I look.  I do not look like the “typical” fitness instructor and for most of my career I could embrace this and even found it made me more approachable and a better fitness leader.  This time around I am “more fluffy” and don’t have the “thick skin” that I armed myself with before.  All I can do is go out there and deliver a kick butt class and that is exactly what I will do.  One of the reasons I share my story is to inspire others that might feel the same way – so to do that I will have to take this leap and help those that need me.


{December 11, 2015}   Week 6 “Getting My Health Back”

On Monday I went to put on my jacket and noticed that it zipped right up, no struggle, no readjusting just completely closed and comfortable. It is been a long time since I have had that feeling. The last 2 years it has been a dread putting on clothing, feeling them get tighter and tighter. So this time I unzipped and did it again, right up and roomy. My eyes filled with tears and my lips gave thanks….im on the right track…praise the Lord. I pushed a bit harder on spin this week, I added a bootcamp class and I have stuck like glue to my eating plan. Our school had a bake sale this week, I walked right by…yes I would love some Christmas goodies but I know myself and I know there is a response to every choice I make; I will be healthier or I will be worse, there is no pause button when it comes to getting my health back. In the meantime I am enjoying my meals, my snacks, my exercise sessions and spending this time of year with family and friends…I am blessed.

Ok so here we are week 5 and it has been a rewarding month. I completed my 21st spin class and my butt no longer hurts as soon as I sit on the bike – it now takes 30min before those muscles are screaming at me. I can walk out of the studio without wobbling and I can hit the recommended intensity on the bike – still push through and most importantly breathe! It was time to check on my progress. I am happy to report that I have release 10lbs and my tight clothes are no longer tight – not yet loose but I can feel a difference. This is no small feat for me and I am very pleased. My food has been excellent and I fight my desire to fall back into old patterns. I have experienced the mind games and watched my calories dip below 1200 – something that I was not going to let myself do this time. I am still struggling with cheese and have reset my challenge to include 1 serving of dairy a day – much more reasonable for me. I have gotten creative with veggies – doing lots of soups. Over all when I look back I am happy with my progress. Now it is December and sugar laden treats are everywhere. This month I would like to find and make a few fun treat alternatives that fit within my goals and do not include refined sugar. I will also be expanding my fitness program to include bootcamps – sore muscles here I come!

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