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{November 23, 2015}   Week 3&4 of “Getting My Health Back”

I’m proud to say that my cold did not hold me back – week 3 brought we a little illness which would normally derail me and have me reaching for comfort foods.  I managed to make it through and even kept up with my workouts – I took it easy but I still showed up.

Well today made all this work totally worth it.  I was warming up on my bike in my 16th class this month and beside me sat a glamour girl – you know the ones – lulu covered, make up wearing, hair done, just walked away from a photoshoot.   I hate to admit it but I am usually intimidated by this “perfection.”  I tried not to judge and instead invited her into the bike beside me.  She looked me up and down and asked if this was my first class. Very humbling, as a instructor for over 20 years, to be considered a beginner but the truth is I am starting over.   I proudly said “this is my 16th class this month”  she looked shocked and said “YOU have made it through that many classes?”  She hear the judgement in her own voice and looked a bit embarassed.  She quickly said “well good for you – it take a lot of cardio to lose weight.”  I smiled and went back to setting up my bike and was very ready for the class to start.  Turns out those comments where just enough to motivate me to have my VERY BEST RIDE.  I broke my cadence record and killed it up the hills.  It is important for me to celebrate these small victories – they really do keep me going.


Jen says:

I love that you’re blogging this. I love knowing how it’s going for you and i feel so much more connected. I’m cheering for you every day. I know how hard this must be.

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