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{November 10, 2015}   My first week of “Get my Health Back”

I must say Im quite proud of myself as I look back over this past week.  I followed my own rules and the only mistake I made was ordering a decaf latte from starbucks with coconut milk without researching what was in the coconut milk…yup sugar so no more coconut milk from Starbucks for me 😦

We made it through Halloween and I lovingly watched my son eat his gummy candies and mini chocolate bars without feeling sorry for my self.  What I am doing now will improve my health and in turn give me more quality time with my family.

The biggest factor to the success of the first week is the time I took to prep and plan.  When meals are ready at home I do not need to grab food out.  When veggies are in the fridge I can find a satisfying snack when I need one.  In addition to the food prep and meal planning I am using my fitness pal app to keep an eye on my macros so I can be sure to keep my carbohydrates under 60% of my daily intake.  I need these foods in the form of fruits and veggies but I need to keep them in appropriate ratios to help my metabolism.

So with the food going well I started to incorporate my new exercise routine.  Today I finished my 5th spin class in as many days and made it through even though my “bike sitting muscles” were killing me!  Tomorrow I will give my “bike sitting muscles” a break and enjoy some bootcamp training.  I was BY FAR the largest of the ladies in these class and I was discouraged by the negative attention and comments I received but I pushed through and held my head high and by day 5 they could see I was committed and attitudes started to change.

It feels good to have a plan, it feels good to be doing something that makes me feel a bit more like myself.


Deb Park says:

Way to go Danielle! In some ways, the first week is the hardest. Be proud of your accomplishments!!

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