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I’m proud to say that my cold did not hold me back – week 3 brought we a little illness which would normally derail me and have me reaching for comfort foods.  I managed to make it through and even kept up with my workouts – I took it easy but I still showed up.

Well today made all this work totally worth it.  I was warming up on my bike in my 16th class this month and beside me sat a glamour girl – you know the ones – lulu covered, make up wearing, hair done, just walked away from a photoshoot.   I hate to admit it but I am usually intimidated by this “perfection.”  I tried not to judge and instead invited her into the bike beside me.  She looked me up and down and asked if this was my first class. Very humbling, as a instructor for over 20 years, to be considered a beginner but the truth is I am starting over.   I proudly said “this is my 16th class this month”  she looked shocked and said “YOU have made it through that many classes?”  She hear the judgement in her own voice and looked a bit embarassed.  She quickly said “well good for you – it take a lot of cardio to lose weight.”  I smiled and went back to setting up my bike and was very ready for the class to start.  Turns out those comments where just enough to motivate me to have my VERY BEST RIDE.  I broke my cadence record and killed it up the hills.  It is important for me to celebrate these small victories – they really do keep me going.

Today was my 8th spin class and I am beginning to see an improvement in my cadence and power.  My cardio is improving and the sweat is pouring.  After the first week I could barely walk across the street in fact when I tried to run and make the light my legs said NO.  This week I could have almost jogged but I would not have made it very far 😉

My food plan is still going well but I have noticed that the cheese is creeping in a little more everyday.  I need to plan and learn a little more about using fresh spices to add flavor to a dish instead of relying on cheese to make everything taste good.

Im encouraged by these changes and believe I am experiencing a bit more vitality.  My body is still requiring a nap each day and my joints are stiff but many of my cravings are easier to manage and im sleeping well at night.  I feel I am off to a great start and while I know that challenges are coming I choose to move forward and pray that this discipline will lead me closer to the person I was made to be.

I must say Im quite proud of myself as I look back over this past week.  I followed my own rules and the only mistake I made was ordering a decaf latte from starbucks with coconut milk without researching what was in the coconut milk…yup sugar so no more coconut milk from Starbucks for me 😦

We made it through Halloween and I lovingly watched my son eat his gummy candies and mini chocolate bars without feeling sorry for my self.  What I am doing now will improve my health and in turn give me more quality time with my family.

The biggest factor to the success of the first week is the time I took to prep and plan.  When meals are ready at home I do not need to grab food out.  When veggies are in the fridge I can find a satisfying snack when I need one.  In addition to the food prep and meal planning I am using my fitness pal app to keep an eye on my macros so I can be sure to keep my carbohydrates under 60% of my daily intake.  I need these foods in the form of fruits and veggies but I need to keep them in appropriate ratios to help my metabolism.

So with the food going well I started to incorporate my new exercise routine.  Today I finished my 5th spin class in as many days and made it through even though my “bike sitting muscles” were killing me!  Tomorrow I will give my “bike sitting muscles” a break and enjoy some bootcamp training.  I was BY FAR the largest of the ladies in these class and I was discouraged by the negative attention and comments I received but I pushed through and held my head high and by day 5 they could see I was committed and attitudes started to change.

It feels good to have a plan, it feels good to be doing something that makes me feel a bit more like myself.

{November 3, 2015}   Time to Get my Health Back

It has been the best of times and the worst of times these last 2 years. Seeing my family grow together has been beyond amazing, seeing my health dramatically decline has been greatly depressing. After over 2 years of doctors and naturalpaths, tests and parasite cleanses I do have a few more answers, but still a long way to go. I have been labeled with a metabolic disorder – a generalized way to say “well you body isn’t working as it should but we are not sure how to fix it”. After my last Doctors visit and a referral to an endocrinologist I knew I needed to take my health into my own hands and do the things that I know to do through nutrition and exercise – maybe they will not work exactly as they should but I am determined to find my way back to better health. There are some of the ways I am finding my way back:

No refined sugar for a whole year! That’s right no ice cream no Halloween candy just good clean food.

No wheat, oats corn or other gluten containing grains – just 2 servings of brown rice or buckwheat each day – better yet 1 serving of grain and starchy veggies like yam.

No alcoholic beverages – yup I will sipping on water and still enjoy the party.

Very limited dairy – this one almost kills me and yet I know it reduces thyroid function so it will have to be. Feta cheese a few times a week will be wonderful! I will drink almond milk and coconut milk (yogurt) as a replacement.

Very limited coffee – a few times a week I will enjoy a decaf coffee or a green tea as I know coffee can be hard on adrenal function.

Dramatically increasing my veggie consumption – at least 2 are every meal 5 x a day – I will learn to love them all!

Include 4 sources of protein everyday – some vegetable, some animal all clean.

Avoid all fast food – just think of the money I will save by eliminating grab and go food – more prep time required so planning ahead will be key.

In addition to the food challenges I need to get this body moving.
5 days a week I was do some aerobic interval work (spin, bootcamp, walk/jog) and 3 days a week I will do some additional heavy weight training to encourage muscular strength and shape.

While this plan might seem intimating, I have spent a lot of time pondering what I was willing to do and mentally preparing to make these changes. I am instituting each change slowly to allow for success. I am also ready for the hard times and using this outlet as a way of sharing my success and struggles – a way to be real with myself and others and a way to respect the body that has been given to me.

et cetera