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{February 23, 2012}   Be Encouraged # 5

I am so fortunate to be surrounded by my lovely Zumba ladies.  With so many of them transforming there bodies and minds I am encouraged at every class that it is possible to change.  Today I would like to celebrate with Sue’s story.  Sue was a large skeptic of the Weight Loss Study and did not believe it was possible to change.  Well in just a few months we watched it happen.  I kept teasing her that I would expect a great story from her when she had success…here are her encouraging words.

I first met Danielle when she came and taught our school Zumba last year.  Her smile and positive attitude made me want to go to her Zumba class regularly, along with the fact that I LOVE to dance!  My friend and colleague, Allison, and I signed up for her next session and we have been going ever since.  When Allison joined Danielle’s weight loss study in September, I was curious to see if it would work.  Before we had children, we had both lost over 60 pounds through Weight Watchers.  After we had children, the pounds crept back on.  With my first daughter, I kept 10 pounds on but I thought, “Well, it’s only 10 pounds.  I’m still 50 pounds lighter than I used to be.”

 Three years later, I wanted to have another baby but suffered 3 consecutive miscarriages within a year.  With each miscarriage, I gained 5 pounds.  Miraculously, I got pregnant with my second daughter and after she was born, another 10 pounds stayed on.  Fast forward to November 2011.  I was now 35 pounds heavier than before I had children.  I was no longer 50 pounds lighter – I was 25 pounds lighter.  I felt puffy all the time.  I felt like my chin hung down past my neck.  I would avoid getting my picture taken because I didn’t want to see how fat I had gotten.  I wore yoga/sweat pants all the time so I wouldn’t have to feel how tight my button-up pants were.  In a nutshell, I was miserable and so disappointed with myself.

After I was done having children, I tried WW again – twice, since I was a lifetime member.  It didn’t work this time.  Everyone told me it was my age.  They said, “Your metabolism changes after you turn 40”.  I believed them and came to terms with the fact that I would never lose the weight.  I would be one of those people who “let themselves go” after getting married and having kids.  I did try to eat better and exercise, but I would try it for a week and give up.   I turned into a skeptic.  I was convinced nothing would work.

When I saw Allison in October, she looked fantastic!  She had been on Danielle’s weight loss study for about 2 months.  She motivated me, just like she had when we were in WW together.  I had to at least try what she was doing.  I was ready.  I was ready to try and lose this weight.  Would it work?  Probably not.  But I had to try.  What have I got to lose?  (Besides that unwanted weight!)
I started in mid-November and by Christmas, I was down 17 pounds.  Are you kidding me?  17 pounds???  More importantly, I was down 19 inches!  I can now fit into the smallest size pants in my closet.  I can wear button-up pants comfortably.  I no longer have to twist, turn, and jam my wedding ring onto my finger.  I smiled and posed for a ton of pictures on Christmas Day.  So, why did it work this time?  I didn’t give up.  I changed my life style.  I made better choices with what I ate.  I wrote in a food 
journal so I was accountable for what I ate.  I exercised every day.

 Don’t get me wrong – it wasn’t easy.  I had to really use a lot of will power to eliminate those late night snacks while watching Desperate Housewives.  It actually got to the point where I NEEDED to exercise or my day didn’t feel complete.  Sometimes I would exercise at 10:00 pm, just so I would feel better before I went to bed.

I still want to lose a few more pounds but I’m so happy and proud of what I have accomplished so far.  I look better, I feel better, and I have gained back my confidence.  I am a changed woman, and I can now say I’m no longer a skeptic!  

Thank you Danielle and Allison, for all your support!            


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