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There is a reason why people do not reach the goals they set for themselves, changing habits and behaviors it hard work.  Be encouraged today that for every small step you make you do get closer to your goal.  You may take a few steps back now and then but you are still moving forward, no matter how slow.

Todays encouragement comes from Suzanne, a wonderful teacher and single mom who finds it hard to take time for herself.  In late october she made the decision to join the weight loss study and now she has a new sense of self:

Since beginning my journey I have lost 16.5 inches and 17lbs.  I’ve gained a better understanding when making food choices for my body type and for my lifestyle.  The exercise program has delivered great results and I feel a new sense of empowerment.

Thanks Danielle, From Suzanne.

Don’t let anything hold you back today from becoming empowered.  Just take that step!

{January 4, 2012}   Its a New Year – Now What??

I love New Years.  It feels like anything is possible all I need to do is set a new vision and new goals for myself.  I was never a big fan of goal setting, many times I felt like I was setting the same goals over and over again and feeling like a bit of a failure.  However, over the past 6 years my husband and I came up with a new tradition.  On the 1st day of January we meet with a small group of friends that we admire and trust and we share with them our hopes and fears for the new years.  After some encouragement, prayer and sharing we set our goals and keep each other accountable to them over the year.  It was wonderful to meet and review our goals from last year and to see the tremendous amount of change that did happen and also to be encouraged to continue on the goals that we had not yet met.  This was one of the first years that I was able to meet a weight loss goal which was to manage my PCOS, release 30lbs and keep it off for a full year.  I am happy to say that I met that goal and I am excited to release another 20lb this year along with some other exciting goals.  Another goal that was achieved was the development of a program that could benefit those of us with really stubborn weight/body fat that just would not come off due to issues with hormones.  To see over 20 of my clients release stubborn fat has been a huge blessing to me.  I will continue to encourage all of us with there stories over the coming weeks.  SO  now what?  In 2012 I am looking forward to some major changes to our way of life, after being married for over 10year Steve and I are excited to welcome children into our home, our new home that is, through adoption.  Sounds exciting?  We think so, please say posted as we find balance in our lives with food, fitness, faith and family.  Wishing us all a AMAZING 2012.

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