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{November 18, 2011}   Be Encouraged Part 3

Sheri is a Fantastic lady who I consider it a privilege to call my friend.  She is a hard worker and a wonderful mom that does a ton of work with Kelowna Ringette. She has shown me that a busy mom and still find time to exercise and make healthy food choices.  Here are some of her thoughts about bootcamps and the weight loss study:

I first met Danielle thru boot camp in May, I had a friend get me to join and have been going ever since, I absolutely love boot camp and I have a huge respect for Danielle and an appreciation for her energy and how she makes everything fun and exciting. After a few months of boot camp I asked her about the weight loss study as I was feeling much better physically and mentally and ready to start a new challenge like eating healthier and exercising on a regular basis. I am on approx week 10, I have lost 18lbs and 10inches I feel fantastic and am enjoying shopping for new clothes and to fitting into the old ones too!! I have learned to make smarter choices with food and exercise and it is paying off, I am not done yet but know that my goal is very near and attainable. Thank you Danielle for the encouraging words and support, it truly makes all the difference having someone who has been thru this as well for a support system! I totally recommend this to anyone who is in a rut and needs a change, it is amazing!!J



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