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{November 10, 2011}   Be Encouraged Part 2

Allison is an amazing woman who is on a fantastic journey.  Her attitude and her results are FANTASTIC.  Be encouraged as she shares her story of success.


About 3 months ago I was reading an email from Danielle about a Weight Loss Study she was conducting.  I was excited because the timing was perfect for me.  I was very ready to try to lose weight again. I had been struggling with my weight since my mid 20’s, but had managed to lose over 60 pounds twice in the last 10 years.  Sadly, I gained it back both times and had recently found it much harder to lose the closer I got to 40.  People would tell me “it’s just your hormones, that’s what happens as you age”, but I didn’t know what to do about it. I continued to let myself go and was disappointed that I wasn’t fit and fabulous when I turned 40.  I’m proud to say I am feeling fit and fabulous at 40 ½  thanks to the amazing changes I have made. As I write this I am on day 63 of my weight loss journey.  I have exercised every single day.  I have journaled every single day.  I have made healthy choices, all day, every day.  I have lost over 30 pounds.  I feel in control of my eating for the first time in a very long time because I have changed how I think about food.  I am actually eating to live and not living to eat!  I don’t spend most of my day thinking about what I am going to eat next, or looking for treats to eat.  I just eat my healthy choices when I am hungry, and only eat until my hunger is satisfied.  By making myself and my health a priority it has been easy to commit 100% to my weight loss.  I am not saying it has been easy every day.  I’ve been learning that food doesn’t need to be such an important part in special events. Thanksgiving, birthdays, and even Halloween were about family and friends this year instead of the focus being on food. I even managed to lose weight after going on a girls’ weekend trip to Vancouver.  I only needed to do a little planning so I was prepared to make healthy choices.  A travel cooler and a small fridge in the hotel room was all I needed. I was even thrilled to find healthy food to eat at the food fair in a mall. Now that I have the knowledge about and experience with my new healthy habits, I truly believe I can continue to be successful on my journey.

Thanks Allison, I am so excited to see you continue – Thank you for sharing!

Auntie Gugs says:

Congratulations Allison. What an inspiring story. I turned 65 this year and that was huge……I have been active all of my life with hopes that it would taking me into my next phase of life. Like you I am finding it really difficult to drop all those pounds that came from somewhere. I decided
to take a small step and signed up for two classes at the rec centre. I am afraid to weigh myself because I don’t want to feel disappointed. My clothes are feeling a little looser instead of tighter. Hopefully that is a sign. I am definately not the girl I used to be but will try to be the best girl at my age. I love you and am so happy for you. All we have to do is be a little more present.

Auntie Gugs

Allison says:

Thanks Auntie Gaga! Your words mean a lot to me! Big hugs to you, Allison

Katie Zanet says:

My Precious Daughter Allison,
Your determination & achievements have made me proud of you always…when you began this program with Danielle, with your usual great enthusiasm, I knew it would be only a matter of time until you “got back on track” with weight & food. Must say, Thanksgiving dinner was a little challenging for old Mom who feeds her family with love but we all managed to enjoy everything as it is! Keep it up and keep on being an amazing influence on your beautiful family as you always have been…Love mum

Allison says:

Thanks Mom,
I think you made me blush! Yes, I am certainly on track and plan on keeping it that way!

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