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{November 23, 2011}   Be Encouraged Part 4

Sue has seen some amazing success during our Weight Loss Study.  She has overcome some yoyo dieting challenges and is excited about maintaining her changes.  Here is what she has to say:

Wow, do I feel great! Thanks, Danielle for guiding me on the path to health, wellness and fitness! I started Danielle’s Weight Loss Study with Danielle’s support in early September, and 2 months later I have lost over 20 pounds and 20 inches! After years of up and down dieting, I have finally found something that works! The best part is I have lots of energy and feel terrific. Along with the program, Danielle’s bootcamp classes provided the extra push I needed to help me with my weight loss efforts. Thanks Danielle 🙂

Sue Noble


{November 18, 2011}   Be Encouraged Part 3

Sheri is a Fantastic lady who I consider it a privilege to call my friend.  She is a hard worker and a wonderful mom that does a ton of work with Kelowna Ringette. She has shown me that a busy mom and still find time to exercise and make healthy food choices.  Here are some of her thoughts about bootcamps and the weight loss study:

I first met Danielle thru boot camp in May, I had a friend get me to join and have been going ever since, I absolutely love boot camp and I have a huge respect for Danielle and an appreciation for her energy and how she makes everything fun and exciting. After a few months of boot camp I asked her about the weight loss study as I was feeling much better physically and mentally and ready to start a new challenge like eating healthier and exercising on a regular basis. I am on approx week 10, I have lost 18lbs and 10inches I feel fantastic and am enjoying shopping for new clothes and to fitting into the old ones too!! I have learned to make smarter choices with food and exercise and it is paying off, I am not done yet but know that my goal is very near and attainable. Thank you Danielle for the encouraging words and support, it truly makes all the difference having someone who has been thru this as well for a support system! I totally recommend this to anyone who is in a rut and needs a change, it is amazing!!J



{November 10, 2011}   Be Encouraged Part 2

Allison is an amazing woman who is on a fantastic journey.  Her attitude and her results are FANTASTIC.  Be encouraged as she shares her story of success.


About 3 months ago I was reading an email from Danielle about a Weight Loss Study she was conducting.  I was excited because the timing was perfect for me.  I was very ready to try to lose weight again. I had been struggling with my weight since my mid 20’s, but had managed to lose over 60 pounds twice in the last 10 years.  Sadly, I gained it back both times and had recently found it much harder to lose the closer I got to 40.  People would tell me “it’s just your hormones, that’s what happens as you age”, but I didn’t know what to do about it. I continued to let myself go and was disappointed that I wasn’t fit and fabulous when I turned 40.  I’m proud to say I am feeling fit and fabulous at 40 ½  thanks to the amazing changes I have made. As I write this I am on day 63 of my weight loss journey.  I have exercised every single day.  I have journaled every single day.  I have made healthy choices, all day, every day.  I have lost over 30 pounds.  I feel in control of my eating for the first time in a very long time because I have changed how I think about food.  I am actually eating to live and not living to eat!  I don’t spend most of my day thinking about what I am going to eat next, or looking for treats to eat.  I just eat my healthy choices when I am hungry, and only eat until my hunger is satisfied.  By making myself and my health a priority it has been easy to commit 100% to my weight loss.  I am not saying it has been easy every day.  I’ve been learning that food doesn’t need to be such an important part in special events. Thanksgiving, birthdays, and even Halloween were about family and friends this year instead of the focus being on food. I even managed to lose weight after going on a girls’ weekend trip to Vancouver.  I only needed to do a little planning so I was prepared to make healthy choices.  A travel cooler and a small fridge in the hotel room was all I needed. I was even thrilled to find healthy food to eat at the food fair in a mall. Now that I have the knowledge about and experience with my new healthy habits, I truly believe I can continue to be successful on my journey.

Thanks Allison, I am so excited to see you continue – Thank you for sharing!

Since July 2011 I have been working with many of my clients that have stubborn fat on a Weight Loss Study using hormone therapy, psychology, healthy eating plans and exercise and I have been seeing some amazing results.  Over this month I would like to post some of the stories so that we can all celebrate in one another’s success.  This posting comes from my friend Bron who has taken this study and changed her life.

Participating in Danielle’s weight loss study has been an amazing journey of self discovery and awareness.  I have been an avid exerciser for many years.  Food has always been my battle.  I’ll be the first to tell anyone I love food and I love to eat.  I have now learned the difference between eating for hunger, eating for taste and eating for the sake of chewing or just something to do.  Through my meetings with Danielle, I started the process of identifying why I eat.  The best part is I am now determining that reason automatically.  I don’t have to remind myself to figure out the reason I’m reaching for food.  It’s become a subconscious step that I take before I consume anything other than water.  That slight pause for reasoning has made all the difference for me. 

I have encountered a variety of mental challenges over these past weeks.  I have overcome saboteurs of my efforts and progress.  I had a bout of what I refer to as “food anxiety”, only to realize that it was all because of my own perceptions that I needed to let go of.  I survived Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie.  I ate a fully satisfying turkey dinner without gaining weight or over indulging.  In the past I used special occasions as excuses to over eat. 

I know that I am in control of what I choose to consume.  I don’t have to eat something because it’s there and I now refuse to allow myself to use the poor choices of others as an excuse to make those same poor choices.  In the past 6 weeks I have said farewell to 14 lbs, multiple inches and more than 2 sizes.  Most importantly, I have welcomed a new me.  Inside and out.


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