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I like to remind myself that I am “releasing weight” not “losing weight” – after all I am not planning on going to look for the “lost weight” just to find it again.  The maintainability of fat release is often the hardest part for me.  I can be dedicated to a program, I can put in the months of work and yet by the end I start to feel the need to “reward” myself for my dedication and I begin to “treat” myself to some of the foods I know lead me to a place of self sabotage.  Funny (sad) not funny (haha) that I seem to want to return to these cycles almost as if I do not know any other way to experience success.  The great news is that after 3 months of my 30lb of fat release that I am still in happy with my changes.  I do have a few slip ups here and there but I seem to be more hopeful that I can make the changes I need to continue  living a healthy lifestyle.  I now have 10 clients that have joined me this month in my weight loss study and as I am watching the dramatic changes I really believe we are on to something good.


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