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{August 18, 2011}   5.5 inch Red Stilettos

I’m attending a wedding of a good friend this weekend.  It will be a beautiful event with friends that I have not seen in a while and I want to look my best.  Having dropped 30lbs over the last few months this shopping experience was much more pleasant; however, as with most girls, no matter what I was wearing my shoes would need to be fabulous!  After selecting a classic cut grey dress I needed some footwear and accessories that would ‘pop.’  Well, let me tell you, I certainly found shoes that will do the job.  Within 5 min of my dress purchase I found the last pair of candy red 5.5 inch stilettos in a nearby store.  They called to me like a Greek siren and I promised myself that if I could stand in them I would buy them… and so I did!  Now, with my new haircut, my longer eyelashes and my new shoes, I am feeling pretty sexy.  I may be only 5’4″ tall but in these shoes I top out at 5’9″.  I am enjoying my new “outlook” on the world!

{August 10, 2011}   SUPing up my workout!

Summer can be an amazing time to be active but I find it really hard to workout inside when the beautiful sun is calling.  This summer I have tried a new activity and I am LOVING it!!  I first saw SUPing (stands for Stand Up Paddleboarding) in Hawaii a few Christmas’s ago and I thought ‘what a fantastic core workout that would be.’  Indeed SUPing is an excellent full body workout.  My first time out I was just pleased that I stayed upright on the board and did not land in the cold water.  My second time out I could start to feel my legs, arms and core working.  The third time I really tried to pick up my pace and my arms were really feeling it.  Now I am looking for any opportunity to get out on that board!  SUPing for me has been a great motivating workout because it is so fun.  Now with the help of Devin – Designer Fitness Paddle Boarding coach I am so happy to add this service to Designer Fitness Fitness Friends.  Try something new this summer and come on out and SUP!

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