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{July 21, 2011}   Loser Like Me

Sliding into pants that were too tight just months ago is so rewarding when you have worked so hard for it.  Naturally thin people can not comprehend the disciplined and sacrifice it takes to lose weight but yet many, in my experience, can be very quick to judge.  I am very proud and excited to announce that I have released 30lb of fat and have 20 more to go to get to my target.  After a lifetime of struggle what has changed?  I opened myself up to the following: Food Addiction, Faith and Fitness.  I was also willing to try a controversial hormone after all my hormonal research.  For 42 days I studied my relationship with food, spent time in prayer and reduced my crazy exercise schedule to daily exercise without over-training.  After seeing the immediate changes not only to my body but my mind as well I invited a few of my clients to join me in this weight loss study.  For those that followed my plan and talked through the emotional and psychological ties to food, more AMAZING results were achieved.  I am thrilled and ready to bring these results into my business.  Now, by putting all this out there, I am accountable to maintaining these changes and not going back.  I thank you for your support and look forward to the next few months.  If you are looking for hope please consider joining me in my next weight loss study.

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