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{May 19, 2011}   The Salad Potluck

With the sun shining and summer on its way I have to be very careful that I do not slip into unhealthy eating.  In fact just a few weeks ago some of my wonderful girlfriends and I got together for a salad potluck.  When I first suggested it I was thinking that everyone would bring something for a HUGE salad.  Someone would bring lettuces, someone else the cheese and apples and nuts and dressing but instead everyone brought a different type of salad.  On the table was a beautiful variety of spinach salads, taco salads, fruit salads and such.  With such lovely colors and flavors we really enjoyed our guilt-free eating.  After our salads and our fellowship we splurged on some fruit pops and homemade cookies.  I personally struggle with attending events like this but I am so glad that we tried the salad potluck.  It is definately something we will do again 🙂

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