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{April 30, 2011}   The Easter Chocolate Hangover

I tend to be an all or nothing girl.  I resist sugar and chocolate most of the year but when Easter comes along I allow myself some of my favorite chocolate eggs.  It always starts with a scavenger hunt – yes at 33 I still like my parents and husband to set up and Easter egg hunt.  After celebrating Easter with our church family we meet and have our own family celebration and the hunt begins.  This year I found the basket first with a few hints from my mom 🙂  I selected my few chocolate eggs and enjoyed them.  By the time I got home I wanted a few more and put the others away for another time.  A few more hours went by and I had another few eggs and asked Steve to return the others, I could feel myself losing control.  By the time I woke up in the morning I was experiencing what could only be described as a sugar hangover – I was extreme tired, had swollen glands, a headache and emotionally I was a mess.  Unfortunately the trouble had already started now I was craving chocolate again even as I has feeling horrible.   It has taken me a whole week to slowly start getting back into my healthy eating plan and it has been a struggle.  It amazes me that such a little luxury can set my body and mind into such a tale spin.  I know that I am not the only one that experience this challenge with a food addiction but the key for me is dealing with this now,  recognizing it and moving forward.  There will be a day when I can have a few chocolates without feeling the need to binge but it will always be something that I need to be aware of.  What I can focus on is the true meaning of Easter and recognize this time as a gift and the promise of new life.

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