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I get this question a lot and it depends on many factors.  In an average Zumba class I notice that I burn 650 calories.  That is based on a formula that takes into account my height, weight, body fat%, duration, exercise intensity ect.  Below is an interesting article on the topic that I would like to share – enjoy!

How many calories are you really burning on the treadmill?

By Kathryn McKenzie, B.Ed

Ever wonder how a machine knows how many calories you are burning? We’ve all seen it on the treadmills, bikes, and elliptical trainers that litter the gym floor. We finish our workout and voila – on the screen we see a summary of our workout results including ‘total calories burned’.  Really?

Here’s the truth…Counting calories is not a good way to measure productivity or progress at the gym – nor is it accurate.
The actual amount of calories you are burning may be significantly more or less than what the machine has predicted for you as it has no real clue how many calories you’ve burned. This is purely an estimate based on mathematical equations programmed into the machine’s tiny computer system.

The actual number of calories expended depends on a multitude of factors including gender, age, and weight (which can sometimes be entered into the machine for a slightly more accurate energy expenditure reading) but also body composition and current fitness level (of which the machine has no idea and can therefore not factor into its estimation of calories burned).

Furthermore, your body weight is simply a number and is not necessarily an accurate indicator of health or body composition. When inputting your body weight into the cardio machine, your muscle mass and fat mass are not differentiated.

Consequently, two women of the same age and weight could both be working on the treadmill at the exact same intensity level and, due to differing body compositions, expend very different amounts of energy – yet the machine will read that they burned the same number of calories. A person with higher muscle mass burns more calories overall as muscle requires more energy to maintain than fat. It is therefore impossible for the treadmill or any other cardio equipment to measure energy expenditure accurately.

So, rather than putting any stock into the ‘calories burned’ reading, pick a range of time (for example 25-35 minutes) and monitor your intensity level or heart rate to ensure that you are being productive with your training.

Source: Canfitpro Wellness March E-newsletter


{March 11, 2011}   Adventure Awaits

I am so excited to soon be travelling in Guatemala.  It is wonderful to know that my body is prepared with the exercise I have done, that my mind is ready for a rest and that my spirit is filled with joy for the coming adventure.  I am so blessed to have a husband that is willing to experience the possible intestinal complication while in a 3rd world country,  to allow my need for travel to be fulfilled.  I am also looking forward to traveling with friends that understand the culture and language and are fun to be around.  I know that when I return I will be refreshed and ready to lead the many fantastic programs starting in April.   I wish you all some adventure in your daily lives – in your home town or away on your travels. May this time be one of refreshing and reward for the discipline you have shown with your food choices and exercise programs.  See you in April!

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