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{February 15, 2011}   To Twongo or not to Twongo?

I may have an opportunity to expand my business and its services and I am a bit torn.  You see ,I love my job, I love my small classes, I love teaching my programs, I LOVE my clients but I do not enjoy the marketing side of things.  I have been very blessed to have loyal client who enjoy and benefit from the programs and keep coming back but other then word of mouth I do not do much external marketing.  I have been watching some of my associates get amazing results from various forms of marketing but I worry about the value of the service when I see big groups of people and not the personalized attention that I like to give my clients.  Large groups certainly have their place but I really enjoy being involved with my members.  If you have some feedback regarding this opportunity or programs that you would love to be involved in please respond to this posting – I really appreciate your feedback 🙂

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