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{January 19, 2011}   My Own 6 Week Challenge

It is important for me to set a goal, without it I can let so many other things take my time.  This year with the healing of my ankle and some improvement in my back I gave myself a new challenge – a 6km run with 6 weeks of training.  Now for many of you this might seem like a easy goal but for me this is something that I really struggle with.  Ask me to swim 2000m no problem, get me on a spin bike and I can kick it, take me to a weight room and I can pump it up and after all that I can still dance for hours….but ask me to run and I start to freak out.  I have accomplished 5 and 10km runs before and I am educated in proper form bla bla bla but never have I enjoyed the process.  Now with this new challenge in mind I really had to set up my baby steps and my support systems to help me accomplish this run.  I started by setting up a free run club for all my currently clients – what a great way for us all to be in this together!  I created amazing IPOD playlists so I can have the motivation of the music when I am running on the treadmill.  I have set my days and times and put it in my schedule to make sure the appropriate training is done.  I try to make each session as enjoyable as possibly and then I pray.  I take this time to acknowledge things I struggle with and I ask for help.  If I can continue this year doing many 6 week challenges imagine the personal growth I will experience.  Here’s to the next 6 weeks may this be a magical time!!

{January 6, 2011}   The Butterflies are starting…

Here is a new year, new opportunities and lots of new fitness programs I am running…running being one of them!  Even with over 15 years in the fitness industry I start getting butterflies in my stomach every new season as I am planning for my new groups, new clients and routines.  It certainly keeps me on my toes, keeps me practicing and keeps me thinking up new and more effective ways for people to enjoy exercising.  Just ask Steve – I have been doing my new Zumba routines all over the place, shaking my hips everywhere while listening to my iPod.  Makes me hopeful that maybe this year I will reach a new person or maybe this year I will help someone meet a goal they have never achieved before…maybe that person could even be me!  So those butterflies are a gentle reminder to me that there is hope, there is growth, there is opportunity to burst out of that cocoon with new wings and just start flying.  Here’s to a great 2011!

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