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{November 23, 2010}   Avoiding Burnout

We all understand the importance of avoiding burnout.  Keeping myself learning new things and involved in all aspects of fitness is key for me in my business.  I am so happy to be in the business of helping others get healthy it is so rewarding however it is also very draining and stressful if I don’t take care of myself.  One of the ways I avoid burnout is by attending fitness conferences.  This allows me to get some new ideas, share information, network with other trainers and get a real butt kick.  I will admit is it very amusing seeing 700 fitness professionals, walking very slowly, barley able to climb stairs, dragging their bags behind them after 6 hour of active fitness sessions.  I am still sore after 2 days of rest and really enjoyed the 10hours of sleep I got last night.  I came home with some new ideas, new equipment and a new outlook at my January programing.  I am excited about using these new methods and keeping current with my clients.  All in all I avoid burnout, learn new skills and keep fitness fun for another few months!


{November 13, 2010}   Exciting Blogs to come

I am embarking on some new exciting treatments for my PCOS over the next few months and look forward to sharing some of my experience with genetic testing and PCOS research.  I am taking a few weeks off from blogging but will be back.  In the meantime I appreciate your support and look forward to continue training my faboulus clients!  If you want to join us or have any of your own stories to share please post right here 🙂

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