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{September 15, 2010}   Why I do what I do…Part 2

After my graduation from university with my Psychology degree and my minor in Human Kinetics I began my job as a fitness supervisor for the City of Langley which allowed me to keep teaching classes, expand my fitness knowledge and certification  in yoga, pilates and aquafitness.  I also really started to enjoy training people one on one and really finding out what motivates a person to make changes that better themselves.  I got to work with people from all walks of life with all kinds of stories but each of them had one thing in common – they all wanted to change something about their bodies.  Even people with ideal body fat and body shape had something they wanted to change.  Looking back I should have identified this “unhappy with myself” cycle and that I was also trapped in.   After all I was always nervous to work with someone that was smaller or lighter or better looking then me because I though “why would this person want to work with me ?- I don’t have a perfect body.” Yet as the years go on one of the comments I get the most is this:  “I am so happy to work with you Danielle.   You are not a size 4 with a perfect body and you can understand what I am going through.  You make me feel comfortable to be me and I can come to you and get the help that I need without judgement.”

In 2001 I became a full fledged Personal Trainer. While I continued to teach classes I also spent time working one on one with people. It was wonderful to see what a difference it makes in someones life with they have someone come along side of them and help them on their journey to a healthier and fitter life.  To see the freedom they would get doing activities they never thought they could do was priceless. Each one of their results felt like one of my own.  Shortly after I began to run workshops and share my knowledge to help train other trainers in the industry.

In 2003 my husband and I made the move to Kelowna I had the offer of running the group fitness/personal training department for a new club in town and while I was not there long it did bring me back to my home town and my family and I am so grateful for that.  I became the Fitness Supervisor for the Kelowna Family Y and I was so happy to be part of that amazing organization.  They really helped me to better my education skills and allowed me to develop into an even better trainer and instructor.  I started to teach many of the fitness education courses and helped to certify new fitness leaders.  This was an exciting new skill I had acquired and again very rewarding.  The fact that I had the ability at the age of 26 to educate and certify other trainers in an industry that I never thought I would be accepted into was an amazing gift…

{September 7, 2010}   Why I do what I do – Part 1

I was pondering that question this weekend when we were helping move my nephew move into the UBC dorms for his first year of university.  Deciding on a career began as a challenge for me.  I knew I wanted to help people, I enjoyed psychology and I considered myself an athlete.  When picking my first year courses at university I was thinking of being a teacher, counsellor or a physiotherapist.  Many of my athletic classes intimidated me as I felt with my ‘shape’ I did not fit in.  The first time we had to do Body Fat test on one other I did not get any sleep the night before.  Due to the poor view I had of my body, I chose psychology as my major and limited my athletic courses to my minor of study.  Looking back, had I choose the other way around I could have saved myself another year of study post university 🙂

In my third year of study I got over myself and my worry about what other people thought of an overweight fitness instructor and got certified as a group fitness (aerobics) instructor – I was attending 5 classes a week already so why not teach them and make a bit of money.  To my surprise my classes exploded – I had tons of students coming out and loving the classes – I also was encouraging more  of the “self conscious” students to join me.  It was extremely encouraging and made me feel great about what I was doing.  It was also during those times that I felt my calling.  It was tough each class walking to the front of the room and trying to overcome that voice telling me that I was not good enough – I did not look the part – who was I kidding.  Yet each time, as hard as it was, I did it…

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