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{August 30, 2010}   A Day in the Life of Danielle

As a follow up to my accountability blog here is a day in the life of me – my foods and my exercises of the day

Monday August 30

Breakfast 9am

Shake (½ banana, ¼ cup rasberries, 1 scoop rice protein, ½ cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 tsp fish oil)

Workout: 1 hour rollerblade and ½ weight training upper body

Lunch 12:30pm

1 slice brown rice bread with 1 tbls almond butter

1 cup baby carrots with ½ tbls low cal ranch dip

*2-5 afternoon client appointments

Early Dinner 5:00pm due to evening appointments

3oz of baked Salmon

½ cup brown rice

1 cup steamed cauliflower with 1 tsp of butter and salt to taste

*6:00-8:00 lead bootcamp and trained clients

Snack 8:30pm 2 hours before bed

10 almonds and an apple

Edit: Okay, I wrote this entry just before my late snack.  Turns out I didn’t eat the almonds and apple as planned.  My husband made some whole-wheat-and-squash tortellini with a bit of butter and diced wieners and shredded cheese on top.  Surprisingly delicious.  I had six.

{August 24, 2010}   Everyone Needs Accountability

I often mention to my clients that they need to see me on a consistent basis.  Not only to reap the rewards of new exercise programs and progressions but because our bodies will always find the easiest way to complete the exercises – maybe our form is compromised, maybe we don’t push our selves as hard or maybe we ‘forget’ about that last set.  Thus, even with the best  of intentions there is a real need for accountability.  The  knowing that someone is there for you,  coaching you and encouraging you on is a huge help!  I personally find that I need accountability when it comes to food and that person can not be my husband 🙂

To ensure I have set myself up for success over the coming months I have found an accountability partner -someone who has the skills and training to look at my food choices & food timing that also can understand my active lifestyle.  She can give me some honest feedback on how I can reach my goals.  So even though I believe I know the right choices about food and exercise and while I can motivate myself to be active I can see right away the rewards of writing down my food diary and being prepared to e-mail it to my accountability partner.  In fact next week I will be posting samples of my food diary right here so that I am also accountable to you –  my readers and friends.

{August 14, 2010}   2 Steps Forward 1 Step Back

My Fitness and food journey is not a simple one.  It is one of hills and valleys, excitement and disappointment, hopes and realities.  The truth of the matter is that it never runs smoothly. Today I needed to come to terms with that and recognize that it is OK.  While I may be taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back I am still moving forward….even if  it is slowly.

This week I was really struggling with my focus and motivation.  It is not always easy to eat clean – avoiding wheat, sugar and dairy but I do see the benefits of it in my life.  In the past during these times of struggle I would jump on another weight loss program – start getting psycho about my calories, get extreme with my exercise but instead this time I reflected on what I have been doing over the last 2 weeks and found some areas of improvement.  Instead of getting all crazy I have set some new, realistic goals, determined a plan, evaluated the steps required and wrapped my head around what needs to be done.  I consider this a step forward in honoring my body and being more realistic about my challenges and lifestyle.

{August 5, 2010}   Gotta Have a Goal

So it turns out I like to be lazy.  I am very hard on myself throughout the year – always telling myself that when I have time I will take better care of my body.  Telling myself that when I have the time I would do things like: complete lots of good food prep, enjoy planning excellent meals, try new exercises, go to see the chiro or the dentist or the massage therapist.  Great intentions, yet when I have the time I would prefer to lay around and do nothing.  That might be OK for a few days but when it starts to be the focus of every day I know it is a problem.  So how do I get out of this funk?  I set a goal – determine what I would like to accomplish, set a time line and then do it.  Today’s goal is to review one of my Personal Training resource books and start planning for making my next bootcamp program, making it even more challenging and fun!  Having a goal keeps me focused and gives me a feeling of accomplishment which keeps me moving forward.  Now I need to set the goal for the week, the month and the fall!

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