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Summer can be a challenge for me.  I love the fresh fruit and veggies, I love the sun, I enjoy some downtime and fun times with friends but I struggle with the constant desire for ice cream.  Everyone wants to walk, talk and go get some ice cream and that would be wonderful however I can not have just a bit, I always want more.  Even my best laid plans are ruined when ice cream is involved.  Over the years I have learned to portion size – rarely coming home with a brick or bucket because if it is in the freezer it will consume my thoughts.

I am so thankful that I have never had an addiction to drugs, alcohol or cigarettes but I can understand addiction when I think about ice cream.  It seems so silly yet it will consume me.  I am starting to make some progress in my ice cream addiction by choosing more satisfying and healthy alternatives like coconut ice cream made with agave or  homemade smoothies but I also need to blog about it, recognize it and change its importance.  By realizing it is only food and instead valuing my self and my body I can make steps toward overcoming my ice cream desires.

{July 20, 2010}   My Metabolism

Over the years you may have read about or heard about my struggle with my metabolism.   I know many who have struggled with slow change and disappointing results.  The key for me was to always plug away, keep moving, keep positive and overall not beat myself up about what I saw on the scale.  Over the last few months I have seen some slight changes and I am excited to report that my metabolism looks like it might be waking up.  I can see when my food choices and exercises make a difference bit by bit, when before I felt like I had little control over the situation.  I contribute this change to my reduction of stress, the ph correcting cleanse and the elimination of my food sensitivities.  Not aways easy but something to be excited about.  I am OK with change being slow as long as there is hope.  I know I am creating a stronger, healthier body and even at times when it is the toughest a positive outlook is so important.  Thank you all for being so supportive, I feel very blessed to work with the people that I do, it is really amazing to be training such amazing, beautiful women that encourage one another and help us all to experience positive change.

{July 15, 2010}   Kind to my Colon

Today I had a unique experience.  I went and saw a “Nutripath” – someone who specializes in foods, digestion and elimination.  After all, if I am eating a TON of nutrients then I should make sure they are being absorbed in my intestine.  Natalie and I had a great time together chatting about food, sensitivities and how our emotions and stress play havoc on our digestion and elimination all while I was receiving a colonic 🙂  She was very professional and I left feeling I had a very positive experience.  I look at this process as a time for letting go of all the junk, for continuing to be committed to clean eating and as always a healthier me.

Summer can be a challenging time of year – lots of events, company and activities.  I really do love it but it can take its toll on my food plan and exercise routine.  That means it is time to get creative!  One of the ways I ensure I get my exercise is to make sure I am still instructing a few Zumba classes a week – one of the perks of my job 🙂  Signing up for things is always a great way to stay accountable and I can see this in all my bootcamps.   It  is also great time of year to get out and walk so we do LOTS of walking.  To ensure I get my weight training in, I do it in the morning; that way I do not have to try to squeeze it in the end of my day if we end up going out with friends.    As for a food plan I need to be very consistent when I am cooking for myself – that means a really nutrition filled breakfast and lunch and if we are going out making the VERY best choice at dinner.  This summer I set a goal to avoid as much processed food and sugar as possible choosing only whole foods and fruit… eliminating the iced coffees, slushes and ice cream completely – they can be so tempting…  However, feeling better and comfortable in my clothes is more important to me right now.  The other key for me is beating the heat with lots of water both in and out of my body.  Here’s to summer already on its way to being one of the best!

We have returned home from an excellent and restful vacation.  We began this cruise after 3 weeks on the detox program and I was nervous about the food on the cruise.  Knowing that I would be tempted I set a few rules for myself before we sailed away: 1. no alcohol 2. no dinner buns 3. exercise everyday.  I was able to stick to this rules and felt much better for it.  On the flip side I was interested to see how introducing foods such as sugar, dairy and beef would have on my system after the detox and let me tell you I felt a definite reaction.  Sugar is not my friend…after only 2 days of adding back in small amounts of refined sugar the ‘puffiness’ in my face was back.  Water retention was a dramatic and instant reaction in my body.  Now that we are back to home cooking I have eliminated the sugar again.  I hope to find it easier this time around.  I am happy to report that I have maintained some of my lost weight and inches after being on cruise and I am now excited to get back at it.  For the next 6 weeks I want to focus on food cycling, eliminating some foods while rotating some of my ‘challenging’ foods, to keep with the progress of improved energy, stress reduction and body fat improvements.   Now that the sun is shining I also look forward to spending more time training outdoors and enjoying the blessings of vitamin D!

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