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I have been so excited and yet so nervous about this day.  I am in much need of a vacation and so excited to be travelling with my husband and good friends yet I am nervous about the food on the ship.  For the last 21 days I have been detoxing and following a whole food plan that has helped me release 10lbs an 4 inches and helped me to feel great.  I know that eating the sugar and wheat is going to slowly steal away the positive changes.  I am happy I have a choice and will be sticking with the healthiest food when I can and then I have to let the rest go.  I am looking forward to exercise class that I am not leading and going to the gym to do my own workouts so at least I can make my body happy with those elements.  Upon my return I am back at it and I welcome everyone to join me – just for the health of it!

I must admit I am very happy with the beginnings of change to my body – 3 inches off my abdomen and 1 inch off my hips in 15 days is a nice healthy change in a relatively short time.  It was not without work and lots of food prep but it was without hunger or calorie restriction.  As a health and fitness professional I think this plan is a very good one.  I like it so much that I am planning to continue with portions of the program.  The next challenge is trying to apply as many of these principles as I can when we go on a cruise in 7 days!

I must admit the toxins are being eliminated and I can see some changes starting.  I small improvement in my energy today, a reduction in bloat – mostly in my stomach and face, a clear complexion, and an more positive outlook.  Yes drinking the olive oil and lemon, the fish oil and the veggie broth have not been overly fun – but the results,  so far,  are well worth it.  Tomorrow I will be weighing and measuring so I am excited to see what other physical changes have been achieve while living in this ‘alkaline lifestyle.’  I have the option of transitioning off the program tomorrow but I think I would like to continue….doing this on a cruise seems to be a daunting task but with some modification I believe I can keep the principles.  Thank you all for your encouraging words and support.

{June 15, 2010}   Day 11 – How toxic am I?

So apparently at this point in the program most people should be starting to feel better however I am still experiencing withdrawal symptoms – the nutritionists are telling me I must be quite toxic…FUN!  Right now poor Steve is having to live with my food cravings and my moodiness.  I must say in the midst of all of this I have been putting together excellent bootcamp workouts – I think ‘moody’ Danielle has a little bit of an ‘evil’ side so the workouts have been quite challenging 🙂  Other good news is I am really enjoying most of the ‘detox’ foods – I am learning to cook wonderful curry dishes, I finally learned how to cook rice properly and I am experimenting with lots of fresh herbs.  Tonight I am looking forward to curried veggies and chickpeas with moroccan carrots & green beans, yum!  Thinking about joining me?  Once I return from our Alaskan adventure I am hoping to run a modified DesignerFitness Detox challenge, send me a comment if you are interested in joining me…looks like I will be at this for a while 🙂

{June 13, 2010}   Day 9 – Is it worth it?

Yes!  The last two days have been a real struggle for me.  I have been emotional, frustrated and tired yet I know it is worth it.  I recognize the importance of the journey – By making it through the tough stuff I rebuild my confidence so not only will changes happen physically but I feel stronger mentally as well.  Yesterday was a little extra tough because we have wonderful friends that have no idea what it is like to have a weight issue and they want to hang out they want to eat.  Each time I tell them I am restricting sugar or doing a cleanse I know they think I am crazy.  On the other hand I am so thankful for the family God has given me, I don’t know if I could do all of this without there support.  Heres to 5 more days of character and health building!

{June 11, 2010}   Day 7 The Real Fun Begins!

The last 7 days have gone very well and resulted in many withdrawal symptoms and the awareness that my body just does not like gluten or sugar.  After 7 days I am feeling more positive, retaining less water and I have release 6lbs.  Now I am on the 2nd week and now deep into the process.  Today I woke up 2 hours early just to fit all the good stuff in before my first client of the day.  Upon waking I drank 2tbls of olive oil mixed with half a lemon to help flush toxins from my bile and liver.  A simple ‘whole food’ thing to do but not very tasty :).  Then I did 20min of morning stretch and movement.  Next I get to enjoy a ultrashake full of all kind of berries, veggies, rice protein and alkaline foods to prepare me for the day.  As the day progresses I get to eat very clean foods – now eliminating all gluten, dairy, eggs, beef, sugar and other common food allergies to really help my body preform optimal.  There will also be exercise and other stress reducing activities to participate in throughout the day.  I am looking forward to this week, listening to my body and feeling the results of honoring it.

As the withdrawal symptoms continue and the toxins are being eliminated I am becoming very aware of all parts of my body including my brain.  Turns out that as the toxins are released I may experience brain fog and confusion.  This became very true yesterday when I found myself driving in a completely different direction then where I wanted to go!  Even my speech was effected – I found myself trying to educate my clients and struggling to find the appropriate words.  Looks like I have some fun stuff to look forward to as I continue in this process.  On the positive side I can really see a difference in my face – much less water retention and the elimination of the dark circles under my eyes.  Proof is in the pudding and I can see the effect my recent food choices have had on my body.  I am so thankful that our bodies are so resilient and when give the proper tools we can find better health.

Day two of the detox challenge and I will admit lack of caffeine, sugar and grains has left me a wee bit moody.  I could laugh, yell or cry on a moments notice.  It always amazes me how much food impacts my mood.  I will be happy when this withdrawal process is over.  I did have a fun game of tennis though – I do find it is important for me to get out and about when detoxing – exercise and sunshine certainly help!  Heres to a relaxing bath tonight and some stress free hours.

{June 4, 2010}   Toxin Detox begins today!

Oh what fun it is to be me…looks like I may be suffering from toxic overload in my body…in fact we probably all are! So I decided it would be a good time for a Full Body Spring Cleaning.  I am following a great program that I have researched that includes whole foods, stress managements and exercise. I am going to be posting to write about my experience in this 21 day challenge.  Since today is day 1 I am happy to say that I am experiencing the beginning of the ‘withdrawal’ headache.  This is a good sign as I have eliminated caffeine, sugar, refined carbohydrates and hydrogenated fats and now my body is letting me know that this stuff is poison in my body….silly poison can taste so good….I am in good spirits and ready for the challenge.  I am looking forward to be a big grocery shop tomorrow and lots of meal prep to keep me going.  I also am looking forward to doing some weight training and maybe a sauna to help get these toxins a movin’….Should be fun!

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