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mine says “you better get back at it!”  For the last few weeks I have been indulging in foods that I generally limit from my life…funny how once I reintroduce them they seem to be all I want.  I gave myself lenience because of the hardship we had recently experienced,  I thought I was eating without consequence however today I had my picture taken at Church…Who was that with the round face?  I really struggled to identify who was in the picture!  Instead of being negative or allowing myself to self loathe I assessed, acknowledge and designed a plan to get back to finding the real me.  Today I can change the path, the possible future and get back to my good food my effective exercise and my freeing blog.  This outlet can be difficult as it is hard for me to acknowledge that I struggle in this area – the area that I encourage others to find there success in, but I also recognize that this discipline can offer healing and accountability which is important to my journey.  I am excited to take my next step in this new day direction.

can’t wait?!! check back in tomorrow!

{May 20, 2010}   Slipping into old Habits

On Tuesday Steven was in a car accident.  He walked away and I praise the Lord for that, but I will admit the incident rocked me pretty hard.  Outwardly no one knew the fear I was feeling as over the years I have gotten good at hiding my fears and instead filling up with food.  I recognized this pattern the next day but felt helpless to change it.  The steps required can be painful and instead of addressing it I turned to food.  Yesterday I admitted my fears and spent some time in prayer and reflection instead of reaching for a treat I reached a new understanding of myself.  You see bad things do happen – that is a part of life, all I can do is find a healthier way of dealing with in when they do.

I have been putting this into practice for the last few days – loving my body the way it is.  I have been finding things that I appreciate about it instead of focusing on the “flaws”.  Yes I get frustrated, yes it bothers me when I watch my food intake and do the exercise but yet, I need to love my body.  For years my body has put up with me restricting foods and overwhelming it with unthoughtful choices.  It has made it through various forms of stress both mental and physical that I place on it.  It has been poked and prodded, pinched and punished and at the end of the day it does everything I ask of it. So here is my thought for the day, no body is perfect and yet we need to be loved.  Without love and acceptance of ourselves how will be love and accept others.

{May 11, 2010}   New Programs Start Today

So what does that mean to a Personal Trainer who has been in the industry for 15 years?  It means coming up with a new focus, new exercises and new ways of helping others enjoy being active.  Each day I think about my group, their specific needs and develop a program based on what my knowledge and experience has taught me is best for them.  It is not as simple as “lets get out there and run around” everything needs to be balanced, joint friendly, effective and ultimately “somewhat” enjoyable.  I must admit while others may find this tedious I really enjoy analyzing the human body – the various muscles involved, how differently they move and how amazing we really are.  It is rewarding to hear from a member that has worked with me over a year say “wow a new exercise that we have never done before?  How did you come up with it?”  Variety really is the spice of life and I find this very important to keep exercise fresh.  All this programing can stressful both physically and mentally – as I do all the exercises and choreography myself first, sometimes for hours, but in the end I am so very proud of the product I produce.  So Here’s to my new Fit & Fab and Over 40 group today and my Zumba ladies – it is going to be a great workout!

{May 10, 2010}   New Posts Coming Soon!

Say tuned for a crazy day in the life of Danielle

{May 4, 2010}   Experience at a Trade Show

As any good business women knows trade shows and networking are an important part of any business.  I was involved with a trade show this passing weekend.  I always find these experiences interesting because every person is so different and yet in many ways the same.

As people came by my booth – some slowly stopping to ask questions and others speeding by almost scared by the word fitness, I began asking all of them the same question – how do you stay fit?  Many of the people looked embarrassed by the question, a lot of them mentioned that they walk or use the WiiFit but it was interesting to see the priority exercise played in their life.  I could see that each person knew they should exercise but yet they had not made it a priority.  Why is exercise such a hard thing to do?  Many of us will watch TV for a few hours a day yet claim that we have no time for exercise….Maybe we are afraid of the pain?  Well the more active we are the less pain we experience over all…Is it that we are not sure what kind of exercise we should be doing?  That is why people like me become so important.  There is  a ton of information out there – I like to simplify it and help people “find there fit!”

I came away from the show hoping that I had made a difference in at least one persons life.  I want them to be encouraged to move their bodies a bit more.  It is my pleasure and my calling in life to help people to keep moving in theirs!

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