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{April 29, 2010}   The “I Deserve It” Trap

I get caught in this trap on really busy weeks – weeks without much downtime and I can usually see it coming.  The “I Deserve It” trap starts by saying little things like “boy it’s been a hard day, we should just go through a drive thru and get whatever we want – we deserve it” or “I have no time today for myself – I should get a treat because I deserve it”

This “deserve” mentality can be extremely disruptive to my good food and fitness program.  What I truly deserve is to see this through – feel good about the choices that reap the rewards of consistent  exercise.


I had a very unique experience today.  I got to help groups of 12 people physically warm up and prepare to pull a plane 20 feet along the runway.  People of all shapes and sizes both male and female with ages ranging 20-60 came out and brought money for a great cause.  I got to see their excited, maybe slightly intimidated faces just before they walked out on to the runway and grabbed the rope attached to the plane.  We did some great warm up exercises that prepared them physically and mentally and I tried to add in some team building exercises as well.  For 2 hours I was a coach, motivator, cheerleader, fitness professional and happy volunteer for all these people.  It was so rewarding feel the energy and to know that I was helping out with the gifts that I have been given.  It is so true that we get so much from giving of ourselves.  Now I am off once again to help some new fitness leaders prepare for an up coming fitness exam.  16 hours of me talking in excited terms about anatomy and exercise physiology…I wish them all luck!  On second thought it is probably easier then pulling a plane 🙂

{April 20, 2010}   Loving My Exercise

As you may know I have been limited with my choice of exercise as I have been treating my adrenal fatigue but what I have found is that I really miss my workouts.  I decided this last week to get back at my weight training and circuit training but I am limiting the amount of sets.  I have really been enjoying this time, I feel stronger, I love my sore muscles and I have a better overall feeling about myself.  We really are made for this.  Some people would call me crazy but there is nothing like the feeling of success you get instantly from an exercise – at first you are not sure you can do it and by the end you have completed 12 reps.  Along with this training I still love teaching my Zumba classes – what an amazing energy is created with the movement and the music and all of us fabulous ladies grooving all together. Well the class is over, my muscles have all be worked so now on to dinner and then to bed.

{April 16, 2010}   TGIF

It has been a challenging yet rewarding week – wait make that two weeks since I taught a course all last weekend and have not had a day off in 12 days.  I met and worked with all kinds of people – hard working ladies excited about bootcamps, new Zumba participants moving their hips for the first time and a bunch of “later in life” students trying to learn basic anatomy in 16 hours.  My life is never boring but at times can be overwhelming.  This brings to mind the importance of balance.  That was made clear to me yesterday when I was feeling “under the weather”.  I did have a number of understanding clients who allowed me some time for rest but I still had programs and classes to teach.  By the end of the day I crawled to the couch and let my wonderful husband take care of me.  Bed time was 2 hours earlier and with the extra naps throughout the day I woke up this morning feeling much better.  I have now completed my Friday – after giving lots of my “fitness love” in the tough training sessions of today I am officially off duty for the next 48 hours.   I will enjoy grocery shopping, cooking healthy meals and visiting with friends and family to “refill” my energy tank.  Here’s to next week – with all this rest my clients better watch out for all the new exercises I will have in store for them!

Yesterday was a great day.  I had just returned from teaching the Basic Fitness Theory Course in Kamloops , helping to build up-and-coming personal trainers, and I was exhausted.  After teaching for 16 hours over the weekend – working with all different types of people and learning styles then driving home I was not thrilled to be waking up and doing it all over again but something wonderful happened.  I woke up extremely tired, then met with some clients taught a pilates class and had a 2 hour long nap when went off to lead another bootcamp class.  I really did not think I was going to find the energy – what I did find was a wonderful group of hard working positive ladies.   Ladies that were laughing throughout the fitness evaluation and cheering each other on.  I could feel my energy start to soar as I was surrounded by these ladies.  Most of the time I see my work as opportunity to be positive and encourage others and here I was receiving the positive energy and joy from the group.  It was a real blessing for me to be part of this and I must remember that while some times are challenging moments like that bootcamp make up for it.  It makes me so thankful to be doing what I love to do!

I am a people pleaser.  When people are happy with the things I have done for them I am over joyed however when people are disappointed in any way with me or something that I have done it really affects me.   Seems silly as I realize that there are things out of my control and ultimately I can’t make everyone happy but yet I still try.   I know I need to work on self acceptance and allowing others to work at finding their own happiness instead of thinking that I need to be the one that makes them joyful.  This people pleasing is very evident in my job –  a job where few things workout as planed – like yesterday when it snowed at one of my outdoor programs! Still I wanted to make everyones experience a great one – I wanted them to love exercise, while in reality who is going to enjoy exercising in the cold wind?  It was out of my control so will did I still felt responsible?  I remember a boss telling me once that I needed to develop a thicker skin and while I have improved (I am much better at receiving constructive criticism) I ultimately am still a people pleaser.  Since I am aware of that I need to watch the destructive part of this battle, the one that makes my pants feel tight – when I come home I want to comfort myself with food.  If I can identify how I feel and just acknowledge my role in the disappointment I am less likely to try to stuff away the feelings with food.  Then in the end this realization makes ME happy.

{April 6, 2010}   Treat Yourself

Everytime I put on some weight I refuse to go shopping for clothes.  In my mind I should not shop for clothes until I can get back into my old clothes….Does that make any sense???  I end up wearing the same stretchy pants and the same shirts continuing to feel bad about myself.  Well on the weekend I broke that cycle – I went shopping.  Yes I had to try on larger sizes but instead of crying about it I found a shirt, a dress and a vest that looked great on me regardless of the tag.  I also treated myself to a hair cut.  I left liking how I looked and feeling good about myself.  I realize I still have a long way back to where I was, before the adrenal issues,  but for today I can keep eating for fuel, exercising for life and looking great in my new clothes.

{April 4, 2010}   Easter without Chocolate

Turns out I can survive Easter without chocolate.  Have I thought about it?  Yes have I given in to it? No.  For the last 32 years my family has celebrated Easter by attending the Easter Service and then completing a “hunt” based on clues, many in French.  This year I enjoyed a wonderful family time with great tasting healthy foods, a great movie and a wonderful Easter Service.  No hunt and no chocolate but a new tradition was formed.  Turns out when I don’t have the sugar I don’t have mood swings and that can make for a very enjoyable weekend for everyone!  Now I look forward to taking the rest of the day to spend with my loving husband thankful for what Easter represents and looking forward to the rest of the week.

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