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{March 31, 2010}   Avoiding Burnout

Yesterday I had one of those days…a day where I was completely unmotivated to do any admin work, exercise or even do any food planning.  All I wanted to do was lay  on the couch and watch TV and aside from my clients and camps that is exactly what I did.  Sure a big blanket of guilt was near by pestering me throughout the day but in the end I was happy with the decision I made.  In fact I woke up today feeling  much better for it!  I believe I took a step in avoiding burnout.  Don’t get me wrong I love my work &  my routine but I also think it is important to take “mini” holidays and just listen to my body.  I am aware that I can not take these ‘vacations’ on a permanent basis but every once it a while this rest will do my body good.

{March 26, 2010}   Healthy Food Tastes Good!

Is it such a funny thing to notice but it is not until I eliminated all the junk that I start to really appreciate how fantastic healthy foods can taste.  For example if I have pizza in my fridge I think “wow tonight pizza will taste so good” however when it is not there and I go and make myself a spinach salad and a few bites in I know it is WAY better then the frozen pizza would have been.  Now I am thinking ummm spinach salad.  I remember learning how much marketing plays a roll in what we desire to eat.  After 10 commercials for pizza and zero for spinach salad what do you think I am going to want to eat first?  Our brain holds so much power – so today I am going to use my brain to remind me of how good Healthy Food can taste and be thankful to be choosing foods that benefit my body and make me feel good!

{March 23, 2010}   Flooding

I had an amazing experience at the marriage conference this weekend and as expected I learned much about myself.  One of the most interesting concepts to me was the idea of “flooding”.  With my adrenal condition I am always in a little bit of “fight or flight mode” and scientifically when in this mode my emotions are heightened, my heart rate increases and I experience a lot of stress.  When we started dealing with conflict resolution at the conference it was so very easy for me to become “flooded”.  Flooding means that I could no longer think rationally and instead became agitated very easily.  We learned that when we become flooded we need to take a moment to self sooth by using various relaxation techniques.  Most techniques involved breathing.  This became interesting to me because I found myself holding my breath and almost immediately thinking and craving food.  Huh…. Stress and food – surprise there is a connection!  Once I made the connection I began to look for it in other times of my day.  Perhaps when I was craving I could concentrate on breathing and see what happens to the idea of food.  I am going to continue this experiment and keep posting.

{March 19, 2010}   The Psychology of it All

I am super excited that Steve and I are attending a marriage conference this weekend.  I really believe that all parts of me need to addressed if I am going to find a way out of this weight gain and adrenal fatigue.  Looking back I made an interesting observation about myself.  The last few years have been the most challenging for me for a number of reasons but definitely the change to Steven’s career has be particularly hard on me.  It is fantastic to see how much he loves what he does and how AMAZING he is at it,  but all the schooling, volunteering and his desire to minister by using his gifts has pushed me into the role of main “bread-earner” not a position I figured I would be in at this point in my life.  At times I feel so great that my gifts have allowed me to help others while putting meals on the table but other times I don’t handle the stress well.  We have been so blessed and we always have what we need  – so I thank God for that but other times I feel the need to push and push and for what?  That is why I welcome this weekend a time to reflect on myself and who we are as a married couple, how we can support one another so that I do not feel the need to be comforted by food.  I am sure it will be a weekend of more insight and I will be back to share it in the blog next week.

{March 15, 2010}   I Shaved my Legs Today!

I can always tell when I start to feel better about myself…I shave my legs.  Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, without direction, frustrated or experiencing a dislike for my body I cover up.  I put on big bulky sweaters, jackets, sweat pants and I don’t like going out anywhere if I have to change out of these “comfys.”  Lately I have noticed that have also had little interest in shaving my legs – almost like a built in layering system so that my body would not be seen.  Today I woke up with a newly inspired and excited to shave my legs.  I may not be ready to get out of my comfys yet but I am ready to eliminate the first layer and start working on the rest.

{March 13, 2010}   Asking the Important Questions

After 15 straight days without a break I decided to treat myself with a special exercise.  Not a physical exercise per-say but a very important one.  I took a walk, notebook in hand, to a beautiful spot.  I took a few moments bowing my head and thanking God for all the blessing in my life and then I took out my notebook and asked myself a very important question, “What do I want”? Something so simple yet I had not asked myself in a long while – not what does my husband want, what does my family want, what do my clients want but what do I want.   I sat there for a good 10minute thinking and praying and after a few more minute I wrote down 10 things, some physical, some social some spiritual.  This process helped me to prioritize my focus ; while it might appear selfish I think if I can be true to myself about my wants and needs I can reduce the stress and resentment that may be displaying itself as an extra layer of comfort around my body.  I think taking 1 hour out of the day for myself and asking this important question could give me greater focus for the challenges that lay ahead.

{March 10, 2010}   The Reset Button

I am so thankful for the reset button – a button that lets you start again even after a stressful month, tough week or emotional day.  While I recognize that every action has a effect and that there is no such thing as a zero calorie chocolate I also acknowledge that everyday has positive potential for a good action and that also produces an effect.

In the spirit of full discloser I will share something that I recognized in myself over the last few weeks.  With the high stress of exciting but draining new work, packing up and moving to a new home and the news that my body was still not responding as it should to treatment I watched my resolve slowly get taken over by what I thought were more important things.   How sneaky it was – a processed meal here, a chocolate there and before I knew it I was snapping at Steve, feeling very overwhelmed and then uncomfortable in my own skin.  I was turning to food for comfort and felt helpless to stop it….then I remembered my reset button.  I truth is I need to once again start making good choices hour after hour and maybe even minute after minute until I can go a whole day again making positive choices and feeling good about it.  I am leaving behind the poor choices and focusing on what I can do instead of what I feel I can’t do.  I will look for support though prayer, family and friendship and I will never stop the battle to make a better me until I am called to my heavenly home.

{March 9, 2010}   Stay tuned…

I should have the my internet up and running sometime tomorrow and boy do I have some thoughts to share 🙂

For the last 4 months Steve and I have been much more aware of my hormone imbalances – in fact Steve has been tracking to identify my more “sensitive times.”  I was thinking of a way of describing what it feels like and I thought of a sink.  I feel like the majority of the time I am a sink 3/4 of the way full of water however when my Estrogen is extremely high any little thing fills and overflows the sink and once it is full, the floor is all wet and there is no going back.  I feel really helpless and completely out of control of my emotions and for a disciplined person like myself I feel like a failure when I am not in control.  The treatment for my condition is applying progesterone to help with the imbalance.  I am happy to say that after the use of progesterone over the last few month I am having a few less days of “sink overflowing” but it is still a frustrating experience.  I am sure there are other ladies out there that experience this so I am excited to see if the use of progesterone this becomes a solution for my estrogen dominance.

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