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{February 27, 2010}   Let the Fun Begin!

Nothing gets you out of a funk like good friends that take you for a nice walk ….and packing -that is right packing!  Today I divided up my clothing into 3 different sizes – the current, the hopeful and the “one day I will”.  I also set some aside some clothes for the “top swap” I will be having next month.  It is so fun to donate a bunch of clothing to friends and come home with a bunch of “lightly used” clothes for FREE.  So with the clothes packing almost finished,  we have a few more days of packing before we leave our WONDERFUL winter home for our new place.  I look forward to this mental and physical example of a new beginning.  I must admit all this excitement does make me tired so I will now go dream about the weight training course I am teaching tomorrow and review all the exercises I will be preparing for the FUN bootcamps next week….gee I hope I can sleep!

Sheila says:

Yay Top Swap – count me in!! See you tonight for more fun and torture :p

Christine says:

And the fun begins again… Thanks for a good workout last night!

We’re all behind you cheering you on in your journey!! Anytime you need a ‘walk’ just drop us a line 🙂


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