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In November 2015 I began “getting my health back” and today I am so happy to report that things really came together. The consistency of following my food plan, developing and adapting exercise, seeking treatment for my body and the renewing my mind brought me to this point of transformation. With over 20 years in the fitness industry and a lifetime of struggle with my weight I remind myself to live day by day and to do good things for myself, my family and my community. I now have a new goals but as of today I am 15lbs away from my goal weight ( a total release of 65lbs through out the last year) and 5% away from my Body Fat % goal. See Pics below. Thank you for your encouragement – it can be done!!!

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{November 9, 2016}   1 Year in Review

This week marks 1 year from the beginning of the “Getting my Health Back” Journey. I’m so happy to report that my results are fantastic. I have release 40lbs, lost 8% Body fat and have a definite improvement in my energy. I’m slowly getting back to doing activities that I love without feeling overwhelmed. and I can walk into my closet and put anything on without being insecure.
It has been a battle – with many of the changes coming slowly and requiring much effort. At times I felt like giving up but the results came from consistency in the program and the support from family and friends. It took months for my body to even be receptive to change and I had to appreciate my body every step of the way. I’m grateful for this time and knowledge the good Lord has given me and I plan on continuing this next year with more goals. If you are reading this please be encouraged that change can happen, even if it is super slow, just be sure follow though and give yourself grace along the way.

{September 15, 2016}   3 weeks of Carb Cycling

3 weeks ago I begin the process of carb cycling recognizing the importance of Ketosis and am happy to report that my body has responded well to the change. Week one I experienced some cravings, week 2 I was pretty tired and week 3 it felt things were leveling off for me. Energy came back and no cravings. I have see a change in both my body weight and body fat % so i’m committed to the process for the next 9 weeks. The timing of this process has been wonderful considering i’m back to leading almost a few schedule of fitness classes. I’m feeling more comfortable when leading, demonstrating exercises and reaching out to people – a good reminder of how much extra weight can hold us back from using our gifts. September marks 9 months since I began the process of “getting my health back” and it has been a time of up and downs but it have taught me a lot about myself, this process and reminded me that we are always a work in process 🙂

{August 30, 2016}   After a 3 month “pause”

My world got crazy, my little guy was home, I added 2 new contracts to my work schedule and it was summertime…all good excuses right? Well all those things did happen and I did take a “pause” from all my carefully planned food and exercise programs. The good news is I did not backslide much and have be able to put in to action some of my maintenance goals. Now as we enter September it is time to get back in to routine and add a little more structure to to my journey. This will allow me to continue moving forward toward “getting my health back”. I have decided after much research to do some carb cycling to allow my body to go into periods of Ketosis to burn off my extra deep storage fat and eliminate some deep toxins. This does require me to get my own coach so I can have support through accountability. So just like I coach others it is my turn to be supported through a weekly check in and external goal setting. Choosing a coach reminded me of the important qualities I strive to have in myself when working with my clients. I wanted someone honest, encouraging, educated and someone who experiences the “struggle”. I will stick to this program until January and well be sure to report on my progress a few times a month. Thank you all for following me, being interested in my journey and for your encouragement as we enter a new season.

As I approached the 6 month marker to this year of getting my health back i’m very happy with what I have accomplished so far. The candida cleanse has set me up well for my next step of testing reactive foods. By testing my reactive foods I can determine which foods work best for my particular disposition. If I can eliminate foods that make my body produce inflammation I will be another step closer to a healthier, stronger, fitter body….at least that was the plan unfortunately during week 21 I had a set back – it started with a popsicle and ended with nachos, cheese and cake. I recognized this destructive eating pattern and was quick to begin the reactive foods plan so I would not fall down this food spiral. So while I might be a week behind and having some cravings I could have avoided, I am proud of myself for continuing in this process and look forward to seeing more results.442b0c62-3489-4740-a4f3-e529e648d837

Today marks the last day of the 6 week candida cleanse that I have been on. Well to be honest yesterday – the day I ate a few pieces of GF pizza was the last day 🙂 While the program is restrictive, I believe it to be valuable and would recommend this program be done at least once a year to help de-stress your body. The first few weeks I did not feel much of a difference but the last two weeks I was waking up feeling more refreshed and for the first time in over 2 years I began waking up before my alarm went off…this is a big deal for me!!! After this time I could tell my body was ready to take on a new challenge. Next up a rotating diet to help with my food sensitivities including low and high carb days to fuel my Thyroid and continue my weight loss journey. Lets see if the cleanse helped to strengthen my metabolic systems and if some more “insulation” will burn off.

{March 29, 2016}   Weeks 16&17 Change is SLOW

After 4 weeks at a plateau i’m happy to report I am once again seeing small changes. What did it take? Well after the 3rd week in a plateau I reviewed my food and exercise again and then looked for some outside help. I’m so privileged to work with so many AMAZING people and one of my wonderful bootcamp members just completed her Holistic Nutrition Diploma. She met with me to see if there was anything we could “tweek” to continue this “getting back to health” project and she made some suggestions that helped me to refocus and rebuild. We added in more good fats, more protein, more feeding times and are trying to eliminate that nasty candida overgrowth. I have almost completed 2 weeks with these small challenges and slowly – ever so slowly things are changing for the better. The lesson in all of this? Never give up and ask for help 🙂

It is a frustrating state to be in this weight loss plateau, but it seems like my body is catching up with the weight changes.  For the first time in these 14 weeks people are recognizing the difference in my body.  I’m removing clothes from my closet that are now too big and wearing clothing that last year was too small.  So while my weight is not changing i am celebrating these special moments. I’m so thankful that while slow, my body is responding.

Yes! Was it tough? Yes! Did i lose weight? No. Did i gain weight? No!

This holiday I wanted to focus on family fun and sun but it found myself wanting to take a holiday from my food plan too.   What i did do was make the best choices i could and keep away from anything with sugar.  After 7 days and lots of cravings i was ready to get back to my kitchen and my meal prep.  Im very proud that i stayed the course and recognize that staying away from my trigger foods was key.  I also kept logging my food which also helped me track my macros and allowed me make the best choices.  A wonderful time was had by all and i came home guilt-free.


Since posting this i have received lots of questions. One of the best things i did was eat from the kids meal in the parks. The portions were large enough for me, they include veggies, fruit, dairy, grain and protein. Then if i was a bit hungry later i eat the snacks i packed: protein bars, nuts, fruit.

{January 21, 2016}   Week 10 “22lbs down”

Dropping this weight so far has been a wonderful feeling.  So rewarding to see the hard work pay off.  Turns out for me, this time, slow and steady wins the race.  It has been 10weeks and I’m releasing 2lbs a week, the weight i recommend to my clients as the best and most likely way to keep weight off. Through all of this joy I’m fighting a mental battle, the fear of this process stopping and the weight coming back.  I know that our bodies will do as the mind tells us so i try to squash these fears as they come and i continue to be consistent in my actions until one day i do not fear and instead embrace the process.  I remind myself that this program is not all about weight loss but instead about health gaining.

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